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Greetings from  the Roses, Tupuas, and Valles!

There have been a few changes since our family picture was first published in 2002.  
Alea married Kapuni Tupua, and they have two wonderful daughters, Heali'imailani and Hi'ilani, and a son, Leuluahi..
Frank left us in 2006, dying on his own terms just as he had lived. 
My mom, Elizabeth Morris, left in the same year.  They both made it to 91!  We miss them.
Makana married Tyson Valle, and they are living in our cabin out on the land with their son, A'ali'i, and daughter, Hoakaleimauloa.  Pictures of everyone soon to follow.

(There are at least three Steve Roses on Maui.  I'm not the Viral, Guerrilla, or Gorilla Marketing Steve, or the Hotel Steve, or the Tropical Fish / Photographer Steve.  I'm the technoid who has been here since 1971.)

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Heali'i, ABC's at 19 months


RTP Test

Makana and Tyson's son, A'ali'i

Clients and Friends

A quick overview of several potential key players in the content delivery revolution soon to come.

Understanding Electricity, Electronics, and Digital Circuits -- In Ten Minutes

If you can picture the way water flows, you can understand electricity,  electronics. digital circuits, and even forward error correction.

Understanding Digital Video

The real world appears to be totally analog, but we can change that!  An introduction to digital technology and MPEG.

How Video On Demand Systems Work

When a subscriber requests a movie from the VOD system, the ultimate result is a movie on the TV. However, there are a few steps involved to cause this to happen!

Fileting Watermelon

A lot of jobs seem as impossible as removing the seeds from a watermelon.  Guess what...

Viruses, and Email Safety

It is a good idea to turn off the preview pane in your email program, due to HTML script viruses.  It is also important to be aware of email virus hoaxes, which may lead you to damage your system by deleting innocent files.  Here are some hints and info.

Effective System Backup

Keeping good backups, in a systematic manner, is the most important thing you can do for yourself if your work depends on your computer.  Also:  Do you know what PCMCIA stands for?   (Answer near the end).

How to Troubleshoot a Dead Motherboard

How to do a minimum system configuration test.

"Broadband" Misconceptions and the (Advent) Everything over IP Future

Broadband deployment in the United States has been slow, and a lot of misinformation has surrounded its deployment. There is a true broadband answer waiting in the wings, though.

Everything On Demand

The coming revolution in cable -- to everyone's benefit, especially cable operators!

Original Time Warner Server Documents, CRC, Capacity Plus

These are the documents used as prior art in the original Seachange / nCube patent lawsuit.

Life with the Prius Hybrid

You may have seen it on CNN, or a recent Toyota ad, but we've been driving our Prius Hybrid for more than a year and a half.  Here is an overview (from 2002! The original is still going, and still a source of pleasure, ten years later.).

Eliminating Alien Species and Land Mines

A Practical Solution for Ship Ballast Pests, A Marginal Solution for the Detection of Alien Terrestrial Species, and A Low Tech Approach to the Discovery and Elimination of Land Mines

Preemptive Flooding

Fighting water with water.

Travel Tips

An accumulation of travel advice after 500,000 miles.

Surge Suppressors

My concept of how these devices work seems to diverge from everyone else's.   I'd appreciate an explanation if you disagree with mine...

Visual Communicator -- An all-time favorite for its utility and design

Creating video with Visual Communicator is fun. 

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