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By Steve Rose
Saturday, November 02, 2002

Affiliated sites:

Carry On Case                 

Happy Passenger:            


Interactive Content Engines:





At the moment, the ICE sites all point to the same place.  This will change as our project develops.

Personal Sites:               

   Maui Weather:            

Other Favorites:


Of all the image processing tools I have, Irfan is my favorite.  It loads instantly, and it is fast, has never caused a problem, and has amazing capabilities.  On top of everything, it is freeware!



Google is my homepage, because it loads very quickly and gives excellent results.  Dogpile and Hotbot are long time favorites, and AltaVista is great for translations.

Shopping and info:                

(Outpost is now Fry's!  Fry's is always a favorite stop when I'm travelling, both for their great selection and prices, and for their people.  I've met people from around the world at Fry's, and they have all been friendly and done their very best to be helpful.  Any negativity you hear about Fry's folks is much more likely to be a commentary on the attitudes and approach to life of the speaker.)

Web Registration:            

(See the article on this site about how to register sites of your own with the greatest flexibility and lowest cost.  If it isn't posted yet, keep watching!)



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